I’ve had much more time to work with Comicpress, and now that I’m a bit more familiar with how things are done ‘under the hood’, I thought I’d take a few moments to shed some light on 4 valuable plug-ins you’ll want to add to make your site even more robust. These are all FREE, as in beer, though I’m sure in many cases, the developers aren’t averse to accepting donations for their hard work. Okay, so here goes… here are my top 4.

  1. Akismet – Tired of spam in your comments? Akismet catches spam before it even gets anywhere close to appearing on your website.  A genuine lifesaver.
  2.  Comment Timeout – this one automatically closes off comments after a prescribed period of time. A good thing to have to prevent spammers from infesting your archived blog posts.
  3. Secure and Accessible PHP form – this was one I found earlier this week. It’s an extremely easy-to-install contact form that provides a powerful anti-spam / anti-exploit set of security features.
  4. Sociable – see those funny little icons under each blog post? Sociable makes your blog posts easy to tag on any one of the social networks (Digg, Fark, StumbleUpon, etc.)

Those are my top 4 WordPress plugins. What are yours?