Hot Pursuit!

My days of temporary bachelorhood are drawing to a close. Aarti and Sonia are returning back from Tennessee this Sunday. I can’t wait to see them.

It’s been pretty quiet here for the most part. There were a few notable highlights this weekend. The first of which was catching up with a good friend of mine for lunch. The food was good, but it was even better just to sit down and catch up. Without friends, I tend to withdraw into myself more. Or spend more time on my computer… 😉

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. I went to the newly christened “Heroes Haven” at 10AM sharp. I haven’t been to a comic shop in many months (and the one I frequent is actually Demolition Comics). When I arrived there were already a few people waiting outside.

The doors opened a little after 10 and there were about 6 of us there. Heroes Haven had a huge selection of FCBD books. I came away with at least 30 comics. I didn’t feel too bad about it, I spent roughly $10 on 4 comics on top of what I picked up for free.

Which issues did I buy? Ghost Rider #34, Captain America #49, Iron Fist #25, and Punisher #4. I enjoyed them all. Especially The Punisher, a character I used to read 20 years ago. I admit that I picked it up just for the cover, which was a homage to the first issue of the Punisher ongoing series in 1987.

I went out for a fantastic bike ride on Sunday. I took a few detours from my usual route, and even parked the bike for a few minutes to lay down on a park bench in the sun. It was really nice to be able to “shut off”, even if it was for a few minutes. It seems I’m always doing something (I’m restless like that), so I covet those moments when I can simply chill out for the sake of chilling out.

Sunday evening I took part in the recording of Big Illustration Party Time, hosted by Kevin Cross and Joshua Kemble. We answered a reader question on webcomics, and I hope I didn’t ramble too much. 🙂

Later that night, I hung out on another podcast, Javzilla, hosted by my buddy Javier Hernandez. I was a part of a small roundtable of cartoonists. The topic at hand was “Early Expectations in Publishing vs. Reality”. Lots of good food for thought, and I came away feeling even more motivated to continue working on my book.

My goal is to have the first PC Weenies book sent to print by the end of May. I’ll be exhibiting at MiniMegaCon on August 22nd and 23rd. I’ve already sent in my registration form and paid the table fee, so I have even more incentive to get my book finished. Because it would be really weird to sit at a table without anything to sell.

And speaking of books, there are plans to make an UNcubed book. I’m first focusing my efforts on PCW, but if all goes well, I’d like to have an UN^3 book out by October (tentatively).

I need to throw my hat into the convention circuit, and I plan to do that next year. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot; I’m sure I’ll make mistakes along the way. But I’ve never been more excited.