Photo 60

I’ve survived a nearly a week of bachelorhood. Here are some interesting facts / highlights of the week so far:

1) I’ve become a hermit – staying indoors unless I need groceries / supplies / a bike ride.

2) I haven’t eaten out once so far, but will tomorrow.

3) I’ve made some interesting sandwich combinations including one consisting of toasted bread, cheese, pineapples, spinach, veggie bacon and veggie pepperoni, with Thousand Island dressing.

4) I’m not missing Indian food (just yet), but ask me in a week.

5) Our neighbors are enjoying the peace and quiet. They better not get used to it…

6) On the days when I make a To-Do list, I’m very productive. On days I don’t, I tend to waste a lot of time.

7) I’ve been coffee-free for almost 2 weeks. I get occasional cravings, but I substitute hot chocolate for coffee when they occur.

8. I’ve stopped watching TV (only because our TV died this week.)

9) I’ve made more progress on the PC Weenies book, solidifying the front and back covers and two interior pages.

10) I go to bed much later than I should.

Oh, and my washer now works again (thanks to our maintenance guys, natch!)