maximus rough sketches

I’ve confirmed my ticket for Webcomics Weekend in Eastwork, MA for March 21st – 22nd. I’m excited about the trip, and hope that I get the opportunity to meet a few readers while I’m up there.


Coming up this weekend is MegaCON – held in Orlando FL. I’ve confirmed my plans. I’ll be at the Nightgig Studios booth on Saturday afternoon. I’m planning to drive up Saturday morning and take in the show. Nightgig Studios will be selling the Nightgig Sampler #4 exclusively at the show, which collects works from several artists, including myself. You can purchase the “MINT” condition version of the Sampler anytime, but the “weather-beaten / grunge” cover variant will be available only through the convention.

The NG Sampler will include a few pages of PC Weenies and UNcubed comics – marking the first time both comics have seen print in a comic book format.

I hope to get a chance to finally meet readers who enjoy the strip. Hope to see a few of you there!


P.S. New UN3 will be drawn and posted tomorrow. 🙂