I received this excerpt via reader David C. King last night and thought it fit in beautifully. The central thesis of the article is that the long names South Indian men are given tend to minimize their opportunity to *ahem* “get any” from the ladies.

Name a boy “Parthasarathy Venkatachalapthy” and his inherent capability to
combat celibacy is obliterated before he can even talk. Even if everyone
around him calls him Partha, it is a fact that no woman in her right minds
will go anywhere near a Parthasarathy. His investment banking job doesn’t
help either. The only good news is his employer loves him; he has no
personal life, you see.

Here’s a link to the original source of this article. Definitely worth the read…

While my last name “Sadasivam” is long, it could have been a whole lot longer. I’m very thankful my parents gave me a simple first name (relatively speaking).