Mumbai December 2009

Our trip to Mumbai was incredible. We’re all back home now, far too excited to sleep (probably because we’re still on Mumbai time). Even Sonia’s up! My parents were kind enough to fly down to Tampa a few days beforehand to give us a hand in settling back in.

As to Mumbai … hmmm, where to begin?

There are so many interesting observations I’ve had on my vacation. First and foremost: I didn’t really miss the Internet too much. I thought I would be suffering withdrawal symptoms – but amazingly, I fared pretty okay. (Proof that you can actually survive without being connected all the time. Imagine that?)

Mumbai December 2009

Sure, I occasionally hopped on G-Mail, Facebook and Twitter, just for a few minutes here and there. I originally had a grand vision of blogging every day – but due to limited resources (Aarti’s mom has dial-up) – I quickly gave up on that idea. Instead I spent time in the analog world, from reading newspapers (gasp!) to jotting notes and observations in my personal sketchbook.

We were fortunate to have terrific weather during our entire stay. Winters are very mild in Mumbai, comparable to Tampa. Although, ironically, on the evening we returned home, we found Tampa to be at a shockingly cold 41 F.)

Mumbai December 2009

I’ve sprinkled a few photos to give you a sense of the Mumbai I saw during my stay. There’s more to come, of course. But all in due time…