I spent a few hours yesterday making a few tweaks to the site, most notably in the area of site graphics. In addition to making a small revision to the UNcubed logo, I overhauled the header images for each page.

Below you can see what the header image for the contact page looked like before.

header process / Uncubed

Here are the roughs for the revised contact page image.

header process / Uncubed

And below is the completed image that now adorns itself on the contact page.

header process / Uncubed

As weird as it sounds, I feel much more comfortable drawing my characters now. This level of comfort has allowed me to look at each character and make appropriate tweaks and changes.

The changes themselves were gradual, and somewhat unconscious. (A similar thing happened with my characters in PC Weenies). The bottom line is, the more you draw your characters, the more likely you’ll begin to see them evolve. And that, to me, is exciting.