This evening, experienced the full effect of I was unprepared for the sudden surge in traffic, and my WordPress / ComicPress site went down shortly after the comic made Digg’s first page.

Lesson learned: use WP-Super-Cache to make static versions of the pages that can be used in place of the database driven version which consumes ridiculous CPU under an intense load. In the nearly 10 years that PCW has been running, there has only been one other moment when my site was shut down – that was in 2005 when my traffic blew through the bandwidth as a result from being linked over at PvP.

I’m not sure how long will be down. I do know that my hosting company, Lunarpages, said I was spiking my shared server with 49% of the CPU. Because of this, they were forced to lock my site’s scripts down.

In the meantime, if you’re visiting over from via the temp page I’ve posted – welcome. I hope UNcubed will tide you over until becomes operational.

And hey… at the very least, maybe UNcubed will pick up a few new readers. =)