Ramaah and Rajiv's engagement in Washington DC

I’d like to thank everyone who responded to our previous plea of Sonia’s unrelenting crying through the night. The solution, which we’ve incorporated this past week, is to have Aarti co-sleep in the bed with Sonia. Sonia gets her sleep and so does Aarti. The net result is that they both wake up fresh and happier. So, we’re going with that for a while.

Another problem that seems to have surfaced is Sonia’s toddler tendency towards aggressive behavior. She’ll purposely hit or otherwise attempt to damage something I own just to get a reaction. Speaking to her calmly does not seem to work. Ignoring her does not work. It’s as if she is baiting me to see what I’ll do. The aggression seems to happen at any given point of the day, to where I can’t pinpoint why it seems to be occurring. I’ve noticed that she does this more with me than with Aarti. I’m not sure exactly what to do.

Sonia’s a good girl for the most part, but her tendency to damage things has me concerned. Is this just a part of her “terrible twos” or is there something else I need to be looking out for? Thanks!