As I write this, Aarti, her sister Lucy, and Sonia are somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, en route to Belgium. Their final destination: Mumbai, India.


I dropped the girls off at the airport this morning. No matter how much I had prepared for today, I’ve gotta say: it’s never easy to let go. We had a nice pancake breakfast, after an early morning start, and arrived at the airport around 10.


I don’t think Sonia understood what was happening, at least until it was time for Aarti to take the shuttle to the gate. At that point, Sonia started to cry really loud. I think she finally realized what “Papa in Tampa. Mamma, Lucy, Sonia go on plane to India” finally meant.


I gotta admit: I shed a tear too. It was an emotional moment for us all.

This is Sonia’s first international flight. I hope she does well. I know that Aarti and Lucy will be there to take care of her.

I’ll be joining them in mid-December, after the Fall quarter is over. Even though they’ve been gone only for a very short time, I am counting down the days until I see them.

We’ll have Skype to video chat with, and we’re planning to do that at least once a day. In the meantime, it’s really quiet at home. I prepared my own meal (pasta with red wine) this evening. It’s certainly not the same as Aarti’s cooking…


I took care of a few chores this afternoon. I hung up my die-cast car rack, which I received yesterday. On the geeky side, I installed a new 1 terabyte Western Digital SATA internal hard drive in my Mac and burned some data back-ups onto DVD.

Now that the house is empty, it’s going to be odd to get uninterrupted sleep. I won’t have a doting wife asking me to go to bed at 10PM. It’s a crazy independence I’m not sure I’m ready to reclaim. (I’ve been trained pretty well.) 😉

Next Wednesday, the Fall quarter starts for me. I’ll be preparing for my courses over the next few days. I plan to take advantage of the time I have to push myself even harder at work and with my personal projects. Anything to keep time moving by at a quick speed, so I can see my girls again.