Aarti, Sonia and Lucy have made it safe and sound to Mumbai. I just spoke with Aarti on the phone a few minutes back.

Sonia was a real trooper – behaving incredibly well, amidst the unforeseen circumstances of a delayed flight and unplanned stopover.

Understandably, the girls are tired and excited to be back with family. I’m looking forward to catching up with them on Skype soon.

On the home front, I did some house-hold chores, finished creating Tuesdays and Thursday’s PC Weenies comics, getting all my course syllabi up to snuff, and preparing the first week of project assignments. I also reorganized my office area, making better use out of the limited space I have.

Dinner this evening was frozen ravioli. Not the best, but passable for sustenance.


Tomorrow I’m tackling a revamp of my lesson plans for my Advanced 2D Animation class. I also have to buy some groceries and run a few errands.

All in all, I feel like I’m rested and in good shape to start the Fall quarter.