In 1983, my family visited India. While in Calcutta, we stayed with my fathers’ side of the family.

During that summer, there was a very popular promotion running by drink manufacturer Gold Spot (an orange drink, similar to Orange Crush, here in the states). Underneath every Gold Spot bottle cap was an image from the Jungle Book. The goal was to collect all the special caps and stick them on a sheet.

Jungle Book Goldspot sheet

The reward, a special-sized Jungle Book comic. Getting all the bottle caps meant that my cousins and I would drink Gold Spot at every opportunity, or convince family and friends to do so. Our goal, of course, was to collect as many caps as we could.

Over the course of a month, we resourcefully amassed over 3 sheets worth of caps, for three complete copies of the Jungle Book comic. I still have mine, shown below:

Jungle Book comic

Inside the Jungle Book comic

Jungle Book comic

This book was a nice trip down memory lane. Maybe other folks from India remember this promotion too?