Sonia’s sleep problems seem to be getting worse over the course of the last few months. We’ve moved her from the crib to her own bedroom. She cries constantly before going to bed, and wakes up crying several times throughout the night. We are unable to soothe her cries, no matter what we’ve both tried (talking, singing, playing her favorite music, etc.)

Both Aarti and I are now at our wit’s end. We have Sonia in a separate room, and based on our pediatrician’s advice, either Aarti or myself will sleep on the floor next to her bed (because Sonia’s insecure). I’m fine with that part, but it’s Sonia’s unrelenting crying that we both can’t seem to figure out.

We’re in the thicket of terrible two’s, but I’m not sure if Sonia’s behavior is normal. We’ve established a nighttime routine, but so far that has not seemed to have any affect on her. Sonia’s very fussy during her mealtimes. (aside: She’s also very picky about her clothes, at only 2.5 years old!)

She only picks at her food, demands something else, and picks at that as well. She doesn’t eat proper meals – despite our best attempts to feed her. It’s gotten so bad for us because our sleep schedule is routinely interrupted every night. It’s really hard to remain patient, but we are doing our best.