I’ve been doing a lot more biking the last few days. Dinner on Monday night consisted a homemade sandwich, while Tuesday night’s delicacy was Kraft Mac -n- Cheese (the whole grain variety).

Tonight I cranked up the notch and made some cheese ravioli. I’m basically eating the same type of stuff that I did before I got married and it’s not really exciting.

I’m also staying up much later to work on projects and stuff. I’ve never been more productive, which seems like a positive thing, until you realize that I’m sacrificing my sleep to be that way.

Thursday’s going to be an incredibly long day for me. My day will start at 10AM and go until midnight. I think tonight I’ll get some extra sleep.

Also, some potentially good news (which I can’t talk about) came about today, which I’m really excited about. It’s a high profile gig for a high-profile client. I’ll leave it at that for now…