Mumbai was attacked a few nights ago, and Aarti and I are still reeling from the news. Our immediate family is safe and secure. The streets are empty, as everyone is afraid of going out. One of Aarti’s best friends lost her parents and brother in the attack, and now lies in the hospital in critical condition. She is unaware of the fate of her family. Only a few days back, Aarti connected with her friend of Facebook, and was showing excitedly showing me pictures of her recent trips.

Watching this terrible tragedy unfold on the news only reinforces a sense of anger and helplessness I feel on the whole situation. All we can do is wait for the terrorists to be caught.

Aarti and I have been to both the Taj Hotel and the Oberoi – we have such fond memories of both places. It’s so difficult to imagine the scene that must be playing out there now.

Extremism is never a solution, and violence only begets more violence. And many of the recruits in these organizations are brain-washed into believing some perverted ideology.

It’s so sad.

Justice must prevail, and I hope that these so called terrorists (cowards) are swiftly caught and brought to immediate justice.