I’m blogging this from the emergency room hospital. Sonia’s had massive diarrhea which started last night and has only gotten worse today. When I came home from work this evening, Aarti mentioned what had happened. Unfortunately for both of us, our Verizon phones are both dead (our new replacement phones arrive on Friday).

Because we couldn’t communicate by phone, I only realized the seriousness of the issue when I came home. More stuff was coming out of Sonia than going into her; we were quite naturally concerned. She also had a terrible rash on her bottoms, no doubt due to the irritation caused by the diarrhea.

We’ve been here since 8:30PM (it’s 11PM as I write this), waiting for our doctor to look at Sonia. I hope that everything is okay with my baby girl. We’re stressing now, not knowing what could have caused this sudden turn of events.

I’ll try to keep everyone posted.