Sonia March 2009

More than a year into it, Aarti and I are both still getting adjusted to parenthood. It hasn’t been easy for either of us. Sonia has trouble going to sleep at night – and she’s resorting to tantrums whenever she’s placed in her crib. The tantrums end up with her puking. Time and time again.

She also wakes up during the night – to cries. We haven’t been able to get any rest as a result of it.

Sonia’s normally a well behaved kid during the day. She’s picked up several new words. For instance, when she wants her feed, she says “Dhoo-Dhoo” (“milk” in Hindi). As much as I love being around my daughter, she can be particularly frustrating. She doesn’t eat much solid food; she prefers her bottles still. We both think the lack of food in her system causes her to wake up at night. Her vomiting doesn’t help the situation much.

There are days where I wonder if I was ever cut out for parenthood. I’m typing this as Aarti attempts to put a crying Sonia to bed…