So, I’m vacationing in Knoxville TN – which basically means Aarti, Sonia and I are hanging out at my folks’ place for some much needed R-n-R. We’re having a great time so far – and now that we have sitters, Aarti and I even went out a little for a much needed date.

At home, I’ve been sorting through some of my old belongings. I found some missing photos I had taken while I was vacationing in Sydney Australia many years ago and also ran across many old books, baseball cards and comic books. What I couldn’t find was my M.S. degree.

I graduated with a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and seemed to have misplaced my degree. I’ve been looking for it everywhere and can’t seem to locate it. Unfortunately, I never got around to framing it (or my Bachelor’s Degree for that matter), so it’s somewhere in the house.

I plan on framing my bachelor’s degree today – it’s been 13 years and I figured it probably needs to breathe outside of the tube I’ve had it in since I graduated.

The search for my Masters Degree has led me through a bunch of old memories, books, and stuff I’ve collected over the years, and even if I can’t find it, maybe the journey is its own reward…