Sonia’s at a stage where we’ve now begun introducing solid foods into her diet. Aarti pureed some rice and lentils and our new daily ritual consists of spending an hour trying to coax Sonia to eat 3 baby spoons.

Based on our observation, it seems that Sonia hasn’t associated the spoon with nourishment, the way she does with the bottle. On the few occasions her mouth wasn’t securely closed during the feed, she spits up whatever she has in her mouth. I also think that she’s not used to the act of swallowing her food. Ironically, she still puts everything else in her mouth – probably to satisfy her teething.

She’s also begun the phase of ‘swimming’ – where she propels her self by moving her elbows. She’s gotten quite proficient in moving across the room, and she’s quite intrigued by all the cables and wires we have in the living room.

Sleepwise, we’re still waking up a few times each night. Because of her milk diet, she doesn’t seem to be sleeping on a full stomach.