…because this happened*:

eye glasses

Sonia loves to play with my glasses – by yanking them off when I least expect it. This pair survived almost 8 months before its untimely death. This is my third pair of glasses in 2 years. One impromptu trip to LensCrafters and a two hundred dollars and change later, I have a new pair. (I also purchased the $25 insurance this time around – if the new pair breaks within the next 15 months, I get a new pair no questions asked.)

eye glasses

In going with the new pair (some Oakleys), I traded up for a more durable (and better looking) frame but lost out on having built-in transition lenses (they were too expensive). I’m hoping I can find someone to repair the old pair so I can have a back-up just in case something happens to the new ones…


* Actually, I’m taking a few weeks off from UNcubed because I need some time to finish some back-burner projects. The time away from the strip should recharge my creative batteries, too. 🙂