Gene Luen Yang: Keynote – Breaking into Graphic Novels & Comic Books Conference from hclib on Vimeo.

Cartoonist Gene Yang is one of my heroes. I thought I’d share his recent keynote with you, not only because it was really entertaining, but because of the fact I could really relate to what he was talking about. I learned that Gene majored in Computer Science in college (I majored in Electrical Engineering). These days he teaches, too – just like me. Through the video I also learned that Gene had an uphill struggle convincing his parents about making the transition towards self-publishing (my experience was similar). It’s my hope to one day meet Gene, if nothing else, to say how much I’ve enjoyed his work (and his presentation).

In the video, Gene talks about his background, his early self-publishing efforts, and how his parents dealt with his burgeoning interest in making comics. In the Q-n-A section, after his presentation, he dives into his comic-making process. I think you’ll find Gene’s keynote to be entertaining, inspirational and informative.