UNcubed has enjoyed a healthy run in the nearly two years since it started. Readership has risen and maintained, which is always a nice thing to have when you’re creating content for the web.

As I’ve stated before, the reason UNcubed even exists is because I’m creating a personal work for my daughter Sonia. Every week that I sit down to plot a new UNcubed strip, I’m always thinking about how she’ll feel when she first reads the comic. I hope to get that chance to ask her what she thinks when she does…

What I’ve liked most about creating this comic is interacting with readers who’ve enjoyed the strip. The positive feedback I’ve received has buoyed me from time to time, and I always feel that my readers are some of the nicest people out there, because they always leave such thoughtful, polite responses. There’s a tone of civility in the comments, and I think that says a lot about who’s reading and enjoying the strip.

I’ve never advertised UNcubed – I’m not concerned with “hits”, “traffic”, or other tangible signs of “webcomic success” with this strip. It’s a labor of love meant for one person that I’m sharing with the web at large.

Thanks for continuing to read UNcubed and sharing it with your friends. And thanks for taking time to share your thoughts on the strip!