A fortuitous trip to dump the trash in our town home complex resulted in another delightful score. This time, it was a baby bike seat. It was sitting forlornly next to the dumpster, awaiting its fate. I inspected the unit, found that it was in excellent shape, and brought it back home. After some cleaning and de-sanitizing, the bike seat was as good as new. Mounting it on the bike was a two person affair, but it only took a few minutes to do.

Aarti and I have always dreamed about going on a family bike ride with Sonia, and now we can! Here are a few pics of the bike with our “new” seat. The last photo was taken by Aarti on our first test ride. 🙂

Sonia loves the bike seat, and I can’t wait to take her with me on my next bike ride. (We’re looking for a good helmet for her first.)

our baby bike seat

our baby bike seat

our  baby bike seat