Kids say the darnest things, don’t they?

Sonia is talking up a storm these days. She’s very interactive and playful, and picking up new words on a daily basis. She enjoys it when we read books, and can complete the sentences on her favorite books. She can also count to 15.

I think all this is quite amazing. (Of course, I’m biased.) For a 10 24 month old, Sonia’s definitely on the fast track as a learner. Kids at this age are so innocent and pure – they wear their emotions on their sleeves, but their personalities are also coming through.

For instance, when we ask Sonia to “perform” (i.e. ask her to count, etc.) in front of family and friends, she gets incredibly shy. When they go away, she talks a mile a minute. It reminds me of the following cartoon:

Anyway, hope you enjoy the latest ‘toon! (And welcome, JEFBOT readers!)


Update: Art imitates life. This afternoon, Sonia broke my glasses while I was taking a quick nap.