Thathi was an amazing woman.

The pronunciation is something difficult to translate. It’s Tha- thi(but with the ‘th’ sounding like the beginning of the word ‘thief’). Does that make sense?

Getting back to the comic…

While she wasn’t related to me, I think of Thathi as my “Grandma”. I’ll never forget how kind, sweet and affectionate she was. She couldn’t speak much English (only Tamil), so in order for me to communicate with her, I would have to speak in Tamil. To this day, she remains the only person I have ever spoken Tamil with.

(Note: I can understand Tamil very well, but there’s a part of my brain that freezes when I attempt to speak it back.)

More about Thathi in an upcoming UNcubed…


and, yes, I totally miss *good* Indian food. 🙁