I drew today’s strip into the wee hours of Sunday morning. I was going to hold it until next week, but I figured – hey, why not live a little dangerously?

In case you missed it, yesterday I turned 35. I’m also going to be a father for the first time – we’re expecting our bundle of joy in early December. The comic I’m creating on this website will hopefully stand as a visual auto-biography of sorts that my children can read when they get older.The dual purpose of this webcomic, as it organically develops, is to serve as sort of a FAQ – a Frequently Asked Questions about Krishna M. Sadasivam. Stuff that people ask me within a few moments of meeting me.

I want to add a bit of an interactive dynamic into the comic as well, so based upon my cartoons, if you have any (tasteful) questions about me that you’d like me to tackle in a comic, please send ’em via the comments.

You never know – it could make it into an upcoming Uncubed comic.

Enjoy the latest!