All jokes aside, I watched the first episode of Outsourced on television a few days ago, looking forward to enjoying some fresh and funny Indian humor. Instead, I found myself wincing all the way through it. Throughout the show, cheap shots at Indians were taken, including:

1) sacred cows running in the streets and a “beef” joke.

2) “funny” Indian names that sound vulgar in English.

3) how Indian food is unappealing and can cause fits of uncontrollable bowel movements.

4) fake Indian accents.

5) making fun of Indian clothing and turbans.

Those are just a few of the stomach-churning elements I found watching the show. Never mind the premise: it’s a show about a guy moving to India because the US company he works for has outsourced all of its workers to India. Is it me, or is the basis of the show in incredibly poor taste? Given the economic climate and the number of Americans out of work, I think NBC has demonstrated a complete lack of sensitivity towards Indians and Americans by airing this show.