Every remote in my parents’ house has been carefully sealed in plastic. As I’ve come to find out, our family isn’t alone in this peculiar ritual.

We have remote controls in our house that are in mint condition – many of which have outlasted the actual equipment it was intended for. Perhaps my parents intended to pass these remotes onto future generations.

Now, this obsession for wrapping items in plastic doesn’t just apply to remote controls. Car seats, sofa seats, books and plastic linings on televisions and displays are all fair game.

So the obvious question is: which Indian family started this tradition of wrapping objects in plastic for preservation? Is this a phenomenon only observed in Indian households abroad, or does this apply to fellow Desi’s living in India.

Because inquiring minds want to know.


P.S. And, yeah, my sister calls me ‘Dude’. ๐Ÿ˜‰