Honestly, my name isn’t really hard to pronounce, once you get past the stream of vowels and consonants that appear to be thrown together. In fact, spelling-wise, my name is pronounced like it’s spelled.

No hidden vowels.

No tildes.

No awkward throat-clearing sounds.  

Fact: Most South Indian names (last names especially) are long. Supercalifragilisticexpealidociously long. Believe it or not, Sadasivam is one of the shorter last names out there (and uncommon, at that).

I have to say that one of my biggest pet peeves regarding the whole name thing has to be people calling me “Chris”.


I freaking HATE that.

Now look. I don’t have anything against people named Chris. It’s a good name, it’s just not MINE. I prefer to be called Krishna or, for short, Krish. I even answer to Mr. K, Special K, and K-. But not Chris, okay?

Aside: I’m really bad at correcting people when they call me “Chris”. I smile. I act nice. But deep down, I hate it. I’ve got more to say about the subject, but, ah, I think I’m gonna do that visually.