One of the most profound moments of my life was sitting in front of Shastri listening him talk about my past and future. There were things he knew personally about my past that I have never shared before. Like previous relationships. It was uncanny. I don’t know how he knew what he knew. He detailed many milestones in my future – some of which have come to pass. 

For instance, he told me that I would begin a career change and switch to a new line of work in a month’s time. I didn’t believe him. I was working on a successful design project for an engineering firm at the time, and there was no way that could happen.

Two weeks after my visit to him in India, our design center shut its doors, and I wound up in a soul searching mode – ultimately leaving the world of engineering behind to seek my future in art. There were other things he has said, some of which are personal in nature, which were right on the money.

Now, I’m not a blind believer of this stuff, but there were certain things he told me (and my mom) that nobody outside our immediate family in the US knows. I came in as a skeptic, and came away with my mind blown.

But who IS this Shastri? I tackle that very question in the next Uncubed…