We went to the zoo on Saturday, to celebrate Aarti’s birthday. Things started out fine enough. It was a beautiful morning, we had pancakes for breakfast. All was well. Then just as we pulled into the entrance to the zoo, Sonia heaved ho.

We didn’t have any spare clothes, so we had to take her in, all covered in vomit, to the nearest restroom in the zoo. Needless to say, we were a bit less than enthused with the remainder of our trip. Things did pick up, however, when Sonia went to the petting zoo.

We’ve since learned that Sonia’s not very comfortable with being in the car for too long – she’s been throwing up on nearly every 20 – 30 minute drive we’ve taken within the last few weeks.

How do you handle a car sick baby? What are some things we can try to minimize Sonia’s motion sickness during short drives?