Mumbai is chaos, everywhere you look. But it’s a controlled chaos. There is no sense of order, but yet people stop at traffic lights. Vehicles of all types, including bikes, rickshaws, busses and cars all mingle and swerve on the same crowded streets. Add to that people attempting to cross the streets. It’s quite scary, yet beautiful to watch.

I’ll never drive in India – it’s just too chaotic for someone who’s used to (relative) order on the streets. Despite the chaos I observed, in my 2 week stay, I was surprised to observe that I didn’t see one accident. I suppose if there were an accident, it would be a fender bender, as you really can’t drive too fast on many of the roads. If there were a fender bender, most people probably just settle it right then and there, as opposed to waiting for a policeman to show up.

Good times, all in all. But I’ll stay in the passenger seat, thank you very much.