Long time no post.

Like a long abandoned rusty car resting on cinder blocks, with weeds and grass growing around it – Uncubed has laid dormant for the past several years.

Despite its relegated state, a curious thing happens every now and then. Someone discovers this comic strip, reads it, and writes in to ask me whether or not I have plans to bring it back. It’s a rare thing to receive an email from a new UNcubed fan, but I still get the occasional inquiry.

I started UNcubed with the intent of making it a visual diary. I felt the need to capture elements of my life in comic strip form. Through it, I chronicled my experiences growing up as an Indian in the US. I also explored the trials and joys of being a family man and finding a sense of identity.

Those themes have continued to resonate with me, as I see Sonia continue to grow and develop.

Sonia is 8 years old as of this writing, and handling second grade with aplomb. She’s at an age where she can read UNcubed now, but she’s unaware of it. I want her to discover the comic in her own time.

Like the abandoned car sitting idle, I have eventual plans of restoring UNcubed to its former glory. The level of work required to get it up and running, as it were, has been daunting.

I currently teach at two colleges and juggle freelance work on the side. Life has become increasingly busy.
But I have a plan to restore Uncubed back to its rightful place. I want to do it right. I want to overhaul the site. I want to reboot the comic with full color. I want a consistent one a week schedule. And it turns out, as evidenced by the emails I’ve received, that other people want the same thing, too.

I have set up a Patreon page for folks who are interested in supporting my work. Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that lets artists obtain funding from their fans. If you want to see more Uncubed comics, and support my comic and illustration-making activities in general, consider making a pledge.

Your pledge of a few bucks a month on Patreon will empower me to focus more on my personal comics and illustration work instead of chasing freelance activities. Having the extra income will give me more time to focus on making more Uncubed comics. Your pledge will also allow me to pay for a developer to help me overhaul the site from the ground up. (It’s looking rather “2007” these days.)

Resuscitating Uncubed back from limbo won’t be easy. I need your help.

Bottom line: There is a way to bring Uncubed back, but it’s up to the readers now. I welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Thanks for reading,