Aug 25First comic!
Aug 27Rhymes with Fish
Aug 31Origins of a Name…
Sep 2Meet The Boss…
Sep 7It’s Official…
Sep 12The Waiting Room…
Sep 15The Million Dollar Question…
Sep 18Say wha?
Sep 24Heads or Tails?
Sep 27The Language Barrier…
Oct 1Quad-lingual…
Oct 6Newborn 101
Oct 13Shastri
Oct 20The story continues…
Oct 27The Mind’s Eye
Nov 4Seers of the Past
Nov 10Behind the scenes…
Nov 17Reflections…
Nov 23The Uncubed Mailbag is now open…
Dec 1Repeat After Me…
Dec 8It’s a Girl!
Dec 24Happy Holidaze!


Jan 1Welcome back!
Jan 8Show Time…
Jan 15General Hospital…
Jan 22The Room…
Jan 29Bob, I Need a Sedative…
Feb 5Selective Memory…
Feb 12A Matter of Perspective…
Feb 19The Return Home…
Feb 26Aarti
Mar 4In the Midnight Hour…
Mar 11Games Aunties and Uncles Play…
Mar 18Dishoom Dishoom!
Mar 25It’s Not the Years…
Apr 1The Decision…
Apr 8Feelin’ the Buzz
Apr 15The Incident at Tirupati
Apr 22The Reveal…
Apr 29The Sound of Silence
May 6Guilted…
May 13Iron Man!
May 20On Being a Bachelor…
May 27Double-Sized Bachelor Extravaganza!
Jun 3Define ‘Mess’
Jun 10A Trip to the Grocery Store…
Jun 17Homeward Bound…
Jun 24Games Indian People Play #2
Jul 1Guilty Pleasures…
Jul 8Eternal Vigilance…
Jul 15Too Much To Do…
Jul 16The 4 Questions…
Jul 22Remote Fixations…
Jul 29Flashin’ Back…
Aug 5Makin’ the Grade
Aug 12Dashing Stereotypes
Aug 19Take Out
Aug 26One Year Young!
Sep 2Your Turn
Sep 9The Patel Connection
Sep 16Divine Hypocrasy
Sep 23Flashback: 1986
Sep 30Cook(ed) Out
Oct 7In the Future…
Oct 14One Small Step…
Oct 21Unfinished Business
Oct 28Career Aspirations
Nov 4What Will Uncle Think?
Nov 11Role Models
Nov 18Baby Break
Nov 25A Remote Holiday
Dec 2One Year Young!
Dec 9Our Worst Fears Confirmed
Dec 16Daddy’s Little Girl
Dec 23True Story
Dec 30Guilty Pleasures…


Jan 6On Conversations…
Jan 14Writer’s Block
Jan 19ABCD
Jan 28The Ferber Method
Feb 4A Little Less Conversation…
Feb 11She Read My Mind…
Feb 18Eyesight for the Blind: Part 1
Feb 25Eyesight for the Blind: Part II
Mar 3Eyesight for the Blind: Part 3
Mar 11Eyesight for the Blind: Part 4
Mar 18Eyesight for the Blind: Part 5
Mar 25Eyesight for the Blind: Conclusion
Apr 1Eyesight for the Blind: Epilogue
Apr 8A Typical Conversation…
Apr 15Grad School Daze…
Apr 22Adventures in Bachelorhood
Apr 29Healthy Choices
May 6The Countdown Begins…
May 6The Countdown Begins…
May 13Homecoming!
May 20Crash
May 27Reflections from the Edge
Jun 3The Diversion Tactic
Jun 10Destroyer of Things
Jun 17The Scolding
Jun 24The Potty Training Incident
Jul 1The Silent Guardian
Jul 8A Sad Farewell…
Jul 15Eulogy for a Friend
Jul 22Paranoia Sets In…
Jul 29Blame It on Krishna
Aug 5You Say Potato…
Aug 12Two the Hard Way
Aug 18Not Really a Break…
Aug 25Convention Intervention
Sep 1They Say It’s Yer Birthday
Sep 8The Pampered Lifestyle
Sep 16Baby Talk
Sep 23Uncles and Aunties
Sep 30Forgotten Friends…
Oct 7Mechanically Challenged
Oct 14Life in Winnipeg: Part 1
Oct 21Life in Winnipeg: Part 2
Oct 28Life in Winnipeg: Part 3
Nov 4Life in Winnipeg: Part 4
Nov 11Virtuality
Nov 18Life in Winnipeg: Part 5
Nov 25Beardus Maximus!
Dec 2Observations on Indian Weddings
Dec 9Missing Me
Dec 16Bon Voyage!


Jan 12The Mumbai Experience: Part 1
Jan 19The Mumbai Experience: Part 2
Jan 27The Mumbai Experience: Part 3
Feb 3The Mumbai Experience: Part 4
Feb 10The Mumbai Experience: Part 5
Feb 17The Mumbai Experience: Part 6
Feb 24The Mumbai Experience: Part 7
Mar 3The Mumbai Experience: Part 8
Mar 10The Mumbai Experience: Part 9
Mar 17The Mumbai Experience: Part 10
Mar 24The Mumbai Experience: Part 11
Mar 31The Mumbai Experience: Part 12
Apr 7Did You Hear?
Apr 14The Mumbai Experience: Part 13
Apr 21The Mumbai Experience: Part 14
Apr 28We Be Jammin’
May 4The Reunion
May 11Dance Like No One’s Looking
May 18Lag Time
May 25The Best Alarm Clock Ever
Jun 1Bring in the Specialist
Jun 7Ayurvedic Healin’
Jun 21The Bone-Setter
Jul 1Toot Your Own Horn
Jul 6The Low Down on the Loo
Jul 14Squatter’s Rights
Jul 20The Number 2 Solution
Jul 28Masseusin’ It
Aug 3There’s No Place Like….
Sep 1Celebration
Oct 4Outsourced
Oct 16The Proof’s in the Padding
Nov 28Angels and Demons (and Buddhists, oh my!)
Dec 5The Final Word
Dec 14UNcubed by…Rob Stenzinger?


Jan 3Brave Girl
Feb 12Hide and Seek
Feb 20Keyless
Apr 29Mr. Butter Fingers
Jul 8The Famous Five Words for Understanding Any Hindi Film
Jul 30Can You Feel It?


Mar 3Coolness Prevails
Mar 29Time Out!
Apr 28Eating Out
Jul 5Walkin’ Talkin’
Aug 4Sleep On It…
Sep 2Another Barney Mystery Solved…
Nov 14Krishna’s Struggle


Jan 3Convert Me Not
Jun 23American Indian
Jul 5One Size Fits All